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Based out of Whatcom County, Washington, Paellaworks has been providing custom menus for catering, event consult and planning since 2003.


Paellaworks provides customized catering packages prepared interactively, at your event.


Paella and Cascadia Seafood Boil packages include a locally sourced field green dressed and garnished salad with Breadfarm olive baguettes and breads. 


Traditional Arroz


Paella Mixta:  Rosemary and garlic braised pork tenderloin or chicken thigh, traditional sofrito, calamari, wild shrimp and mussels/clams with seasonal vegetables 40.


Paella Mariscos: Fresh rockfish or Sockeye salmon and bacalao/shrimp sofrito with yearling oysters, Pacific scallops, wild shrimp and mussels/clams. Paquillo pepper and seasonal vegetables. 42.


Paella Verduras: Leeks with wild mushrooms and fresh herbs. Heirloom tomato and seasonal vegetables. 34.


Paella Carne: Sweet smoked paprika braised beef tenderloin, linguiça calabrese, chorizo, roasted tomato, paquillo, seasonal vegetables. 38.



Paella Valencia: Traditional. Braised duck breast, langostino, chicken thigh, musica bean.  44.



Ingredients are subject to change due to seasonality and availability. *Our wild caught shrimp/prawns are served traditionally in the shell. If you would like shrimp/prawns peeled please inform.


General Catered Service Details:


Paella and Cascadia Boils take approximately two hours to prepare after initial site setup. We typically plan to be on site 2.5 to 3 hours before service is scheduled to occur. Additional itineraries may effect this schedule. We do not offer rental service directly but can work with you or your event planner on appropriate rental(s) and rental companies for your event. We also offer biodegradable products for your event at cost plus a minimal clerical and handling fee.


General Staffing:


Paellaworks can provide limited general staffing for set up, light clean up and table services/rental management as well as bartending. This service is a separate contract from our menu packages which generally include labor to present. We reserve the right to assess your event and provide the necessary labor to fulfill your hospitality needs or to direct you to a staffing agency if we cannot provide suitable staffing scope for your event. 


Bar Packages:


Bar Packages are 1000.00 per event. Included with this package is:

MAST Certified bartender(s)

Jockey box set up and use, beer consult, procurement/delivery to site

Wine consult, procurement/delivery to site, presentation and service

Bar station

Rental management

Signature drink consult, procurement, service.

Bar Hardware and mixology


 What is not included:

Glassware/Stemware rental cost(s)

Product Cost: Wine, Beer, Cider Liquor/Mixers



Sangria Service:

House made Roja or Blanco: Apple, Pear, Stonefruit, Melon, Blood Orange.

150.00 per US Gallon. 5 Gallon Minimum.


Sans Alcohol:

Rosemary-Ginger Lemonade.

Hibiscus-Apple Spritzer.

Seasonal Golden Tea.


50.00 Per US Gallon, 3 Gallon Minimum.


Oyster Service:


Raw Bar Service includes your choice of many regional oyster varietals available for purchase by the dozen. Service includes live shucking station(s), Custom Mignonette and Smoked Lemon Ice, Custom hot sauce bar and Meyer lemon.


Current Market Price: 60.00 per dozen.


For larger events, and depending on event itinerary, we may direct our clients to our friends at Pop Up Oyster Bar for contracted oyster services.



Current Tapas:


Asparagus with Jamón Ibérico, garlic-orange aioli. 11


Tabla De Quesos:   Assorted Spanish cheese, flatbread, seasonal fruit and melon. 14.


Seared mixed olives, roasted hazelnuts, chorizo, fried rosemary. 11.


Montaditos: Braised olive baguette, Romesco, Cana De Cabra. 11.


Tabla De Charcutería: Assorted Spanish charcuterie, extra virgin olive oil, caper berry. 15.


Pan Con Tomate: Tomato and rubbed garlic toast. 9. Add Serrano: 11.


Mediterranean Wild Shrimp, Cider Glaze, Heirloom Tomato, Oyster Mushroom. 16.


Price indicated is per guest.



Cascadia Seafood Boil:


Seafood Boils are an informal community style meal served with grilled breads and field greens. 40. 

Butter, Garlic, Sweet Spring Onions

Linguiça Calabrese and Sweet Peppers

Wild Shrimp, Manila Clams

Lemon, New or Fingerling Potatoes and Cob

Kulshan Lager or Finnriver Cascade Cider (Gluten free)

Add Dungeness or Alaskan Snow Crab: 52.


Desserts, Confections & Wedding Cakes:


Booking Policy & Information:


Please provide: Invoice addressee/entity name, email, physical billing address and contact number. There will be two (2) Invoices generated.The first Invoice is the Deposit of Intent and is 40% of your total Final Itemized Invoice and is due upon receipt to confirm and hold your date. A full refund is available up until 90 days before your event date. Date(s) are not confirmed until Deposit of Intent Invoice remittance. Final Invoices are due for remittance along with final confirmation of guest numbers, menu and services provided, the calendar working week prior to your event date. By committing remittance of the Deposit of Intent, The Client, (Whomever is the invoice addressee/entity) and Paellaworks LLC, (The Provider) do voluntarily enter a legally binding contract and agreement for full Invoice(s) remittance before the occurrence of service on your pre determined event date unless otherwise stipulated in writing.You may remit payment directly and securely by credit card or ACH Bank Transfer directly through the email sent via Paellaworks using the Quickbooks/Intuit Merchant Services Online secure link. Your Invoice and Preliminary Quote are based on your greatest number of expected guests and you will be alerted by email when changes in menu, service or guest numbers occur in your Invoices, and Invoices will be available for viewing at any time online through the link in the Invoice email. Preliminary Quote(s) are not contractual and do not include applicable City, County and State Tax, or gratuity, but will include service fee and travel/lodging surcharge depending on location. Gratuity is not included in quotes or final invoice amounts because we are old school like that. 


Thank you!






 Please direct any questions and/or to proceed booking through the contact tab.






Paella means pan  in both Spanish & Catalan, and it is this pan, wide and shallow, that allows for the caramelized flavors of garlic, onion, tomato, and fresh rosemary sofrito to meld.Valencian rice, (arroz) is then added and slowly simmered in handmade citrus saffron stock. The arroz is then garnished with appropriate ingredients for the type of arroz being made. A wide array of seafood, meat, game and poultry as well as charcuterie is available, complimented by fresh seasonal vegetables, which are then steamed by the simmering rice and stock, creating a medley of flavor and texture greater than the sum of its parts.


Arroz & Paella was traditionally cooked over open fire, but due to the reality of urban settings, the use of propane fueled paella burners is utilized for most events, allowing the paella to be cooked on/in your veranda, carport, front yard, or any other feasible indoor/outdoor location. We will gladly build a grapewood fire in your front yard or office parking lot though!


Private/Corporate Paella catering packages start at a minimum of twenty five guests.

Arroz is available in vegetarian and vegan options, and can be tailored to most food allergy specific situations.


What types of Arroz do you make?

Paellaworks offers Paella Valenciana as well as these Arroz Classics:

Paella Valenciana: Traditional preperation, duck breast, langostino.

Arroz Mixta: Rosemary braised chicken or pork, calamari, wild caught shrimp and shellfish.

Arroz Mariscos: Bacalao Sofrito, fresh rockfish or Sockeye salmon, Pacific yearling oysters and scallops, wild caught  shrimp, calamari and shellfish.

Arroz Negre: Squid or Cuttlefish ink with  seasonal market seafood.

Arroz Verduras: Vegetarian/vegan paella

Arroz Carne: Jamón wrapped pork tenderloin or smoked paprika braised beef tenderloin, freshly ground chorizo, rosemary braised chicken, linguiça, roasted tomato, paquillo.

Paellaworks also offers custom arroz for consult.

What comes with a Paella Package?

Paella is presented exclusively with Breadfarm breads and locally grown field greens. 

Biodegradable compostables are available at cost plus a minimal handling and order fee.


Please contact us directly through the contact tab for Introductions to our service and menu pricing.











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Are you looking for a good time? So are we! 

Tune in here, at the events page, to find out where and when Paellaworks will be serving up hot, fresh Paella as well as Oyster Bars, Tapa, and who knows what else!



Mothers Day Paella @ Sloughfood. A Tradition. May 14

Have a glass of bubbly with your Mom or someone else's Mom! Enjoy a special Paella! All Mom's are gratis btw....11-4ish

Pop Up Paella Bar @ Ponderosa Beer & Books, Bellingham WA, April 22

Join us from 3 to 6 @ Ponderosa for curated specialty ciders and Paella Mixta! Happy April Brews Day!

Paella Sunday in Beautiful Edison April 23

Spring will be sprang! 11-4ish

Paella Sunday, March 12 Edison 

Whispers of Spring! 11-4ish with Brother J and the crewe...


Paella Sunday, Feb 12, Slough Food, Edison

There will be fresh flowers and yes we know it is superbowl 11-4ish

Paella Sunday, Slough Food, Edison January 29th

Winter warmer alert! 11-4ish

Paella Sunday, Slough Food, Edison December 11th

Join us for Holiday Cheer with a very special Paella! 11-4ish

Paella Sunday, Slough Food, Edison November 6th

Come Rain Come Wind! 11-4ish

Paella Sunday, Slough Food, Edison October 9th

Enjoy Paella and libations with us! The Autumn colors are here! 11-4ish

Seafeast Bellingham, Zuanich Point Park, September 17

Seafeast! Paellaworks will be on hand with our special Seafeast Festival Paella!


Paella Sunday, Slough Food, Edison, September 11

As Autumn arrives, please join us for Paella! 11-4ish

Summer Paella Sunday, Slough Food, Edison, July 31

Sangria, Paella and Smiles! 11-4ish

Father's Day Paella Sunday, Slough Food, Edison, WA June 19th

Bring Dear 'ol Dad out for the day in Edison @ Slough Food!



Mother's Day Paella Sunday @ Slough Food, Edison WA May 8th

Our Mother's Day Paella Sunday tradition continues!

Moms, Paella Mixta, Wine! 11-4ish


Paella Sunday @ Slough Food in Edison! April 17th

We are back in action once a month @ Slough Food! Please join us from 11:00-4ish for Paella Mixta, Spring views, Libations and fun!


Paella Sunday @ Slough Food in Edison Returns! March 20th

It's been 2+ years folks! We have hung on and are very pleased to announce this event that has much love and soul for us and Slough Food. Join us for Paella Mixta out on the Veranda from 11 to 4ish !






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Planning a Wedding? We have many years of experience in event and Wedding planning and will work closely with you and your Wedding planner to provide a truly special and memorable addition to your most special of days.

We provide event site consult, Bar Package Service and beverage consult, rental consult, menus taylored to you and your guests, as well as limited general staffing.

We collaborate with our friends @ for large scale oyster services as well as for large scale bar packages and staffing needs.  


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Paellaworks Corporate Services: 

On site interactive catering.

Packaged menu drop off delivery.

Remote site event planning and catering.

Event planning and consult.


Past and Present Corporate/Non Profit Clients Include:

Aéro Film


Aether Apparel

Alder BioPharmaceuticals

All American Marine Inc.

Andgar Corporation

Artifacts Wine Bar

Asics USA

   Aslan Brewing Company

Baker Hughes 

  Bellingham Parks Department

Bellingham Golf & Country Club

Bellingham Physical Therapy

Bellingham Technical College

Ben Kinny Companies

Bentley Motors Limited

Boundary Bay Brewery


Bread Lab

Burning Man LLC

Cascade Joinery

CB Premier Construction LLC

Chuckanut Brewing Company

Circle Of Life Caregiver Cooperative

Dana F. Besecker Company, Inc.

DIS Corporation

Eastham Corporation

Evergreen Gardens

Fairhaven Veterinary Hospital

Faithlife Corporation

Finnriver Farm & Cidery

Ford Motor Company

Garden Path Fermentation

Gretchen's Kitchen

Hama Hama Oyster Company

Hood Canal Education Foundation

John L. Scott Real Estate-Anacortes

Kona Bicycle Company

Kulshan Brewing Company

La Mirage LLC

Larson-Gross PLLC

Lightcatcher Museum

Marathon Patroleum

Mercedes-Benz-North America

Mt. Baker Rheumatology Clinic

Mt. Baker Vineyards

Mt. Baker Ski Area

Mount Baker Theatre

NW Explorations

North Fork Brewery

Our Treehouse

Pepper Sisters

Pleasant Hill Cellars

Porsche of Bellingham

Porsche Club of America

Port of Bellingham

Port of Skagit

Productionworks LLC

Puget Sound Energy

Purple Smile Wines

Qualitel Corporation

Roger Jobs Motors Inc.

Santucci Farm

Saratoga Commercial Real Estate

Sasak Gallery

Seifert & Jones Wine Merchants

Shuksan Properties 

Strandburg Construction

Surdi Industries

Sustainable Connections

Tarramar Craft

Taylor Shellfish Farms Inc.

Travis Industries Inc.

Trayvax Corporation

Tetrick Family Dentistry

Viva Farms

Vital Choice Seafoods

VODA Studios

Wake 'N Bakery

Whatcom Conservation District

Whatcom Museum

Windermere Real Estate

Washington State University 












Paellaworks offers locally sourced and seasonal ingredient based entrée+ menus celebrating the vitality and diversity of foodways in our amazing Pacific Northwest region.

From our signature seafood boil to wild mushrooms & fresh Sockeye salmon to regional oyster varietals, vegan specific menus and everything in between, we love to explore what our home means to us, other professionals we collaborate with, and you through ingredient based culinary endevor.

Find us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook @paellaworks











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         Northwest Craft Beer & Cider, Regional & International Wine Services

                  Beer, Wine & Cider Consult. Procurement, Delivery & Service.

       Jockey Box Service, MAST Certified Bartending, Signature Cocktail Consult.

Large Event Collaborations with for on site full bar services and staffing.





















Post Office Box 398

Maple Falls, WA 98266

(360) 510-9055

For availability and pricing.

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