Welcome to Paellaworks!

Welcome to Paellaworks!

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Based out of Whatcom County, Washington, Paellaworks has been providing custom menus and event planning since 2005.

Our paella is handmade using traditional cooking techniques and the finest local ingredients available. Completely mobile, we bring the paella experience to your event anywhere in the Pacific Northwest!

Paellaworks also offers :

Pop up oyster bars featuring grilled and shucked oyster varietals.

Hot and cold Tapa menus.

Seasonally appropriate entrée menus in conjunction with Paella.

Sangria and wine/event beverage 






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Paella means pan  in both Spanish & Catalan, and it is this pan, wide and shallow, that allows for the caramelized flavors of garlic, tomato, and fresh rosemary sofrito to meld. Short grain Valencian rice is then added and slowly simmered in handmade citrus saffron or squid ink stock. The paella is then garnished with appropriate ingredients for the type of paella being made. A wide array of seafood, game, poultry and charcuterie are available complimented by fresh seasonal vegetables, which are then steamed by the simmering rice and stock, creating a medley of flavor and texture greater than the sum of its parts.


Paella was traditionally cooked over open fire, but due to the reality of urban settings, the use of propane fueled paella burners is utilized for most events, allowing the paella to be cooked on/in your veranda, carport, front yard, or any other feasible indoor/outdoor location. We will gladly build a grapewood fire in your front yard or office parking lot though!


Forty to four hundred plus.

Paella is available in vegetarian and vegan options, and can be tailored to food allergy specific situations.


What types of Paella do you make?

Paellaworks offers custom made Paella as well as these classics.

Paella Mixta: Rosemary braised chicken or pork, freshly ground pork chorizo, Pacific pink scallop, wild caught Washington shrimp and shellfish.

Paella Mariscos: Bacalao Sofrito, fresh rockfish, Pacific oysters and scallops, wild caught Washington shrimp and shellfish.

Paella Negre: Squid ink with mariscs del momento.

Paella Verduras: Vegetarian/vegan paella

What comes with a Paella Package?

Paella is presented exclusively with Breadfarm baguettes and local field greens.















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Paella party! Food on the Brain Photos courtesy of Jessamyn Tuttle


More Paella! Photos courtesy of Jessamyn Tuttle


Paella Lovers United Competition, 2010 Austin Texas 


Legendary Banked Slalom


Burning Man 2013 




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Michael Nutt brings to us many years of kitchen and management experience in the hospitality industry. His expertise and enthusiasm for culinary endeavor makes him a perfect compliment to Paellaworks. Don't let the picture fool you, he is one funny dude, especially when it matters.    

Knut Christiansen has 25 years of culinary experience ranging from kitchen guy to boat cheffery to restaurant and brewery openings. As a bonus, he is an excellent dishwasher and oyster shucker. 


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Are you looking for a good time? So are we!

Tune in here, at the events page, to find out where and when Paellaworks will be serving up hot, fresh Paella as well as oyster bars, pig roasts and who knows what else!

Do you have a grand idea or a hot tip? Let us know.



11/30/​14 Oyster Sunday @ Sloughfood, Edison, WA

It's oyster time here in the PNW! Join us from 12-4ish at Sloughfood for grilled and shucked oyster fun! There is no better way to finish off Thanksgiving, and how many more days can you eat turkey?!











 10/3 Steamer class @ Gretchens, Mount Vernon

Paellaworks will be exploring all things bivalve with steamer recipes covering five mediums. As follows:

Steamers with beer: Manila clams with North Fork Hefeweizen and coriander, slivered garlic, smoked jalapeño and cilantro.
Steamers with cider: Manila clams with Finnriver cider, shallot, roasted apple, roasted celeriac and mint.
Steamers with apple brandy: Mediterranean mussels with MBV port, cream, roasted leek and tarragon.
Steamers with wine: Pacific Scallops with Mount Baker Vineyards Pinot Gris, sun dried tomato, smoked fennel, citrus and fines herb.
Steamers with nectar: Mediterranean mussels with chorizo, blood orange, sweet onion and saffron.
This is a sign up class only. Please contact Gretchens to attend.

10/11 Paella @ Old World Deli, Bellingham, WA

Paellaworks will be on hand selling paella in one of Bellingham's favorite spots. Paella ready at 6:00. Come join us, and enjoy a great wine selection as well!



10/27 Pop-up Oyster Bar @ Slough Food, Edison, WA

Join us for the first oyster bar of the season! We will be grilling and shucking fresh, delicious oysters from Taylor Shellfish and providing specialty toppings as well as the traditional's we all know and love! Slough Food will have the back covered courtyard in full effect with a great menu, and oyster-centric wine selection as well as beer on tap. Oysters at 12 until they are kaputt!




10/31 The Future Of Food: Climate Change Symposium, Bellingham,WA

Paellaworks will be providing lunch for this informative and thought provoking symposium.

This is a ticketed event.



12/1 Oysters in Edison @ Slough Food

Oyster Sunday continues! Join Paellaworks and Slough Food for a day of oysters hot off the community fire, as well as fresh raw varietals. Paellaworks will be offering a new menu of specialty toppings for your grilled oyster pleasure as well as traditional favorites.......we might have a thing or two up our culinary sleeves as well. The back veranda is ready with covered areas, heat and blankets even! Enjoy Sundays NW style. 12-4 ish!



12/14 Oyster Bar @ Kulshan Brewery, Bellingham,WA

Winter is the time of year for oysters! Spice up your holiday with a pint and hot oysters off the grill with specialty Kulshan beer-centric toppings and your regular favorites! We also will have Shigoku and Kumomoto varieties for your fresh half shell pleasure........Get some!



1/5 Paella & Tapas night @ The Local, Bellingham,WA

Join us for a very special night of custom Paella Mixta with The Local's own in house chorizo, a custom paella ale designed by The North Fork's Eric Jorgensen and Menace Brewing's Ben Buccarelli! Tapas menus designed by The Local and a special tap take over by Finnriver Cidery from Chimicum,WA as well as the North Fork Brewery! Taking reservations @ (360) 306-3731


1/26 Oyster Sunday @ Slough Food, Edison,WA

Oyster Sundays folks! Bring your friends and family down to Edison for an afternoon of grilled and fresh oysters as well as Slough Foods great specialty menu and libations.......then slip on over to The Edison Inn for some great live tunes and fun!



2/4 Brat's & Beers @ Kulshan Brewery, Bellingham, WA

Come on over to Sunnyland! Kulshan Bewery's Brewers Night for February will feature Iron Horse Brewery from Ellensburg, WA.

Paellaworks will be collaborating with Bellingham's sausage makers to provide a one of a kind, one night only charcuterie bar!

Traditional Brat's made with Kulshan Dude Man Wheat by Carne.

Old World Deli's one of a kind specialty charcuterie with smoked onions and cheddar.

Elk-huckleberry charcuterie from Claus Meats.

The Copper Hog and Chef Spencer Santenello with Lamb charcuterie.

Chef Brandon from The Local with his own specialty charcuterie.

More TBA! Celebrate the Northwest!


Oyster Bar @ Slough Food March 2nd!

Oyster bar continues! Our crack team is hard at work with oyster topping research and Slough Food will providing the convivial spot for your friends and family to enjoy! Grilled and fresh shucked oyster service from 12-4!


3/11 Kulshan Brewery Charcuterie Bar with Red Truck Brewery

Join us @ Kulshan Brewery as we host Red Truck Brewery brewer's night! Hand made Weisserwurst from our amigos at The Fork with roasted fennel hash, Smoked Stout gravy, pickled vegetables and fresh local cheese curds. Service from 5-close




4/5 Kulshan Brewery 2nd Anniversary Blowout!

Paellaworks and Streat Food will be on hand all day dishing up hot fresh chow as well as providing our tried and true pop up oyster bar! Stop in and say Hi!


4/13 Slough Food Oyster Sunday, Edison, WA

Slough Food turns 10! Come celebrate all things convivial with us as we celebrate 10 years of Slough Food! Oysters from 12-5.



5/6 CBAR Charcuterie Bar Featuring Carne @ Kulshan Brewery, Bellingham

Join Paellaworks CBAR as we welcome one of Bellingham's newest breweries to the fold for Tuesday Brewers Night: Wander Brewing Co! Tuesday May 6th. 5-10 PM.



5/18 Paella Sunday @ Sloughfood, Edison, WA

Join Sloughfood and Paellaworks for the first Paella Sunday of Spring! 12-4ish



5/27 Paella Negra Paella Class @ Gretchens in Mount Vernon, WA

Join us for a hands on look at creating the classic "Black Paella" as we construct step by step this delicious and underrated seafood and shellfish paella variation. There will also be wine.

This is a private event. To attend, please contact Gretchens in Mount Vernon.



6/15 Paella Sunday @ Slough Food in Edison, WA

Paella Sunday for Father's Day! We will be wrapping and braising pork tenderloin with Jamón and getting into the season's bounty in honor of Dad. Salud! 




7/1 Custom Carne Bratwurst Bar @ Kulshan Brewery Brewers Night


Join us at Kulshan Brewery as we welcome Bellevue Brewing Company to the tap room! 5-close.


7/16 Paella cooking class @ Mediterranean Specialties, Bellingham


Join us for an interactive evening of paella cooking demonstration paired with tapas! This is a sign up event only. Enquiries: 360.738.6895


7/27 Paella Sunday @ Slough Food, Edison.

Paella Sunday on the Slough! Come enjoy a sunny break in Edison. Paella 12-4ish.



8/5 Beer & Brats Kulshan Brewing Company, Bellingham, WA


Join Paellaworks for a night of brats and brews, featuring Skip's creations from American Brewing Co. Sun, suds, brats and 'slaw!



8/17 Paella Sunday @ Slough Food in Edison, Wa



Join us for Paella! 12-4ish in the garden with family and friends!



9/5-7 Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival, Port Townsend, WA



The tradition continues! Paellaworks will be on hand dishing up loads of fresh, hot paella in the foodcourt for all things wooden, boatlike and salty! Come enjoy one of Washington's great festivals!




9/19 Bellingham Beer Week Octoberfest, Bellingham,WA

Paellaworks KBAR will be dishing out our custom Kulshan Pale Ale infused bratwurst with all the trimmings at The Depot Market Square! Come visit and get "bratted"!



9/28 Paella Sunday @ Sloughfoods in edison, WA

It's the last Paella Sunday of the season, people! It has been a great season of paella in Edison, at Sloughfood. Paella from 12-4ish. We will be there with some tricks up our sleeves, smiles and bubbly!



10/7 Kulshan Brewers Night featuring Menace Brewing Co. Bellingham



Join KBAR and Kulshan Brewery as we welcome Young Benjamin and Menace Brewing for a great night of Carne Bratwurst with the works! 5-9:30.



10/26 Pop up oyster bar @ Slough Food, Edison, WA


It's time for oysters on and off the grill! Join us for Taylor shellfish grilled Pacific oysters with seasonal specialty toppings as well as fresh shucked Shigoku and Kumomoto oysters. 12-4ish.






































Post Office Box 398

Maple Falls, WA 98266

Phone: (360) 599-1898

Mobile: (360) 510-9055


For availability and pricing.

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